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Hello and thanks for visiting my website!  I am a master carpenter by trade and over the 40+ years of home building I have gotten to the point where there isn't much I haven't seen, done or fixed in a home.  I have built and repaired homes, worked as a new construction superintendent, and held a home inspection license. Being familiar with and abiding by all applicable codes and regulations while focusing on safety is a source of pride. 

I have been serving the Durham area since 2012. 

It's impossible to list all the services I can provide, but please check out the services offered below. Don't hesitate to call if you have a need for something that's not listed.  I will be honest with you and let you know if I can or cannot provide a particular service.  I charge by the job for most work or by the hour if you have a checklist of small jobs to fill up the visit! 

I look forward to meeting you.


Services Offered

New Home Buyers / Home Refresh

Home inspection punchlist remediations

Plumbing updates:  Kitchen and Bath faucets, toilets, vanities, dishwashers,  garbage disposals, shower heads, washing machine

Electrical updates - Light fixture installation /replacement, oulets, ceiling fans

Technology updates - internet hard wiring, smart locks, security

Curtain/blind installations

TV mounting

Furniture assembly

Picture hanging, shelf installations, feature wall installations

Outdoor faucet installation/repair

Drywall repairs

Install/Repair mouldings

Energy Evaluations or Remediations

Window/Door adjustments, caulking, weatherstripping

Programmable Thermostat installation

Infrared heat loss evaluations

Water saving fixture installations - shower heads, toilets

LED light fixture conversions

Water heater element upgrades and insulation


Safety and Age-in-Place Improvements

Child-proofing - gate installations, cabinet locks, etc.

Grab bars and hand rail installation

Install anti-scald faucets

Widening doorways

Replacing door & cabinet handles for ease of use

Moving light switches and outlets

Appliance evaluations - move for cleaning, safety

Smoke and Carbon dioxide detectors


Windows that don't shut, doors that don't close, trim that needs to be replaced, dryer vent that needs to be cleaned, screens that need fixing, batteries replaced, air filters changed......

If it's a home maintenance or repair item - I can do it!

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